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modern wall beds italian furniture


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It is very difficult to define this modern Italian furniture piece, a smart piece designed to define your moments, either these being a working section, a movie, your kids homework, just your time. It is a little private alcove, a space in between your time which can also become useful if you need a sleeping ped. The back of this whole set detaches and becomes a single mattress to be used for occasional sleeping.

size: width 51.2" - depth 27.5" - height 80" - bed size 37.4" x 79"

Made in Italy

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New Product coming out 2015 No more space problems ! No more sleep over mess! This is a single wall bed which open up with just a touch of hand, comes down smoothly and effortless. Combine two ore more event three as shown in these pictures to have multiple beds. Each single bed measures in width 31.5" and in depth 78" thick comfortable mattress and when close can function also as a seating system! what more can you want from a wall bed?

size: each single bed measures 31.5" x 78" . Height 80"

Made in Italy

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A versatile armchairs which transform into a comfortable step with a quick move. Simply slip out the cover and open! The beauty of this armchairs is that you can have multiple cover and change them whenever you want with a quick step. The cover is on like a soft light sleeve, no buttons no zippers no velcro nothing! Available in different fabrics coverings. This product is also suitable for contract projects such as hotels and public projects.

width 32.2" - depth 35.4" - height 28.7" bed size 31" x 75"

Made in Italy.

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modern wall beds space saving furniture


modern space saving furniture Italian furniture design space savers transformable convertible



space saving furniture modern furniture Italian design





If you need to save space but are looking for bed solutions this modern wall bed may be the right solution. Free standing bed which stands verticalle without taking too much space of your home and comes down with a simple touch, slowly and effortlessly to reveal a single bed with a comfortable mattress. When close, the wall bed can also be used to store little items such as cds or keys which can be stucked into the horizontal openings.

Width 39.3" - depth 11" - depth opened 88.5" - height 88.5" .Bed size 33.5" x 77".

Made in Italy

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This modern sofa bed comes with extractable twin bed so it can accomodate two persons. Its beauty is also its versatility because it is available with arms and back, without arms and with back, with shorter arms or a mix of all of this options. You can really create your own design by choosing to have multiple throw in pillows or none at all, round long pillows. It is available in multiple fabric choices as well.

Size : with arms lenght 88" x 38.5" x 28" Bed size 33.5" x 77" each

Made in Italy

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This seating bench is all about inspiration. A design piece which remind us of the tennis courts with a nylon net which replace the sea and a green structure which is also available in white or blue.

Size : 75" length - 25.6" depth - 37.4" height

Made in Italy

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transformable space saving furniture chair bed



armchair designer Italian furniture design






This simple amrless chair holds so many secrets! It transform into a comforgable ready to use single bed and if you combined to armchairs together you will have a small sofa with double bed! Very easy to use, the bed is divided and folded into three sides underneath a sleeve cover which can easily be pulled out to reveal the opening system. Perfect piece if you need to save space, for hotel projects, and anywhere you need to save a little space.

size: 35.4" x 35.4" x 30.3" Bed size 26.8" x 80" . Total depth opened 87.4" Combine two amrchairs to have a double bed and a little loveseat of 71" length (see pictures)

Made in Italy

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Cod. CA 35

Amazing design for this incredible modern armchair which hides inside an inflatable bed! always accomodate your sudden guests they will never wonder where they will be sleeping! This armchair has a beautiful design and can be used at home or in a office. Rounded soft lines and very embracing. Then you add some functionality with its hidden inflatable bed which can be pull out from the front vertical opening below the seat. How clever, after all Italian design never cease to amaze us!

size: width 26.3" height 32.2" with inflatable mattress of 32.6" x 75" included

Made in Italy

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