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A modern armchar which converts into bed. A comfortable armchair and a comfortable bed. Versatile and practical. Available with or without armrest. The back is adjustable at different positions. The footrest is discontinued. Metal base grey painted. The chair converts into a bed by simply unzip the cover and open up the chair into a single bed. Available in many different modern fabrics colors, gorgeous first quality leather and microfiber. A perfect solution for limited spaces or those who need extra bed space. It also can be combined in two and three elements to create a sofa-like layout and have three single and separate beds.

Length 39.3'- depth 33.8 - height 32.2' - bed size 35.4 x 74.8. 1 armrest and no footrest.

Made in Italy.







When you need one or multiple sleeping areas but do not have enough space to commit to this wonderful cute modern armchair is the right solution for any corner, any room of your home, for a quick sleep area in your office or for your kids room. The cover is completely removable and available in multiple types of fabrics and colors and a mattress and pillow are included as well. Compact size for this very handy piece of furniture with the Italian quality. Also from the same collection a cute ottoman which turns into a single bed as well.

Size 34.2" x 36" with bed size 77" x 32.3"

Made in Italy

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The most compact bed you will ever find ! In fact it's just an ottoman which unfolds into a single side bed in few easy steps. Very useful piece to combine with your designer furniture or to keep in your office, den or your kids room for a quick sleep place or if you receive a sudden guest! Available in mutliple fabrics choices the cover is completely removable.

Size 35" x 36.6" with bed size 77" x 32.3"

Made in Italy

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modern furniture transformable furniture



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You have probably seen ottomans which convert into single beds already. But have you seen an ottoman which converts into a queen size bed? This lovely ottoman with generous proportions can easily be converted into bed by simply remove the cover and unfold all the hidden parts. Very easy and practical design . With this transformable ottoman you can accomodate two persons because the bed size arrive to 60" x 79" like a queen size bed!

Made in Italy

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A modern interpretation of a chair, to make fun and think out of the box. No boundaries and potentially a winning idea to get you more active and embrace sports! Now you can get a little more excercise when at home as well. It is certainly a statement piece a furniture product which makes you stare with curiosity. Perfect for kids rooms as well and available in different colors.

Made in Italy

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New product coming out 2015. Beautiful design piece: a sideboard but also a hidden desk with chair If you need to save space in your home and need functional furniture pieces we have a wide selection of modern space saving furniture. This sideboard and desk is available in white, yellow or gray. This sideboard is also functional and great for offices, hotel rooms, kids bedrooms as well.

Length 54.7" '- depth 20" - height 29.5"'

Made in Italy.

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modern sofa beds space savers wall bed space saving furniture



modern space saving furniture wall beds



modern space saving furniture designer furniture wall beds



New Product coming out 2015. How many times did you have the issue of accomodating more guests in your home and were missing sleeping spaces? have you rushed to the store buying those bulky unpractical aerobeds? Now you can forget about all that with this intelligent piece. This chest of drawers is not actually a real chest. The drawers are each a mattress which can be easily pulled out. Have children? do they often invite their friends at home for a sleep night over ? then what's best than this awesome piece! Each mattress is long 75" x 31.5" and can be used as you like, freely and then put back without mess in the room! This is the creativity of Italian design.

Length 77.55 - depth 17.7" - height 35.4".

Made in Italy

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This is your 24 hours living space. All you need is hidden into this compact smart piece. You will never guess what this piece holds for you. You can open this sofa like a book and reaveal a desk, while the seat can be unfolded into sofa beds. Simply amazing. Please look at the pictures below to see the smart features of this furniture piece. A sofa, a sofa bed, a desk, a seating working area and much more. Available in many different fabrics types and colors.

Size : arrive to a total length of 121.2" when completely opened into a working and relax area and a maximum depth of 87"

Made in Italy

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My private space, this is how we should call this piece. A semi private working station where you can relax and work, write, draw, think isolating yourself from the rest of the world. The working station rotates and close up to give you more privacy. A compact working station which will be perfect for offices, public areas, high tech companies and bars.

Size : 57.4" w x 54.3" height

Made in Italy

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