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Cod. LT 08

Design: Anki Gneib. Unusual modern dining table whic is also used in outdoor environment, where the small details make the difference in its modern design. It features a flat drawn steel base, cataphoresis treated to make it suitable for outdoor as well, in the colors white,moka,gray or silk gray. Gorgeous slate top. Available with fixed top in 79" or 94.5" inches width rectangula tops.

Size: 79"x35.4" or 94.5"x 35.4".

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LT 04

Multiple optionals and different details for this modern dining table available in different finishes, sizes and configurations in both fix rectangular, extendible or fix round versions. This dining table is made of different parts which can be chosen in different finishes: top, frame, brackets and legs. Powder coated stainless steel structure. Painted inox brackets, frame and legs available in the colors white,moka, gray or silk gray. Legs are also available in teak or ash wood finished in 10 different colors. The top has many different finishes too: HPL in different colors, FLAMED BRUSHED OAK in differen colors, MATT LACQUER in different colors. There are hunreds of combination one can make for this amazing table design.

Many different sizes available, both rectangular fix or extendible and round.

Made in Italy.

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Cod. LT 07

Design: Calvi & Brambilla. Very simple design for this lovely modern dining room table which can make a difference in any dining area. The structure is made of a flat drawn steel base cataphoresis treated and powder coated, in the colors moka, white, gray or silk gray, or bright chrome finish. The top can be made of flamed brushed oak in different colors or matt thermo treated ash wood in natural color.

Size: 79"x40" or 102" x 40"

Made in Italy

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