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This sofa bed features extractable twin bed. It is available with or without armrests or as a chaise lounge and still having the option of the twin bed. Very detailed in its covering and design it may features wide back pillows which contrast with the plain and unique seat cushions. Different fabric available in different colors and textures.

Made in Italy

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A different concept, a brand new idea for this modern sof abed chaise. Each seat slides forward into a chaise for a deeper seat and more comfort and then release it even more to make it a ready to use bed. Metal bed structure, reliable and easy to use, completely removable fabric or leather, available in different colors and textures.

Made in Italy

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If you are into more contemporary styles but want to mantain a high quality of comfort and buy a good durable sofa bed, this elegant version of our modern sofa bed may be right for you. A simple touch can change everything. The cover ends up to the floor into a skirt with no visible feet and give this sofa-bed a more contemporary touch. As all of the other modern sofabeds from our colleciton, this piece easily converts into bed by simply pulling the back forward until the bedfeet touch the floor and both seat and back cushions are safely secured and protected underneath the structure. The best quality of our modern sofa beds is that you will never sleep on the seat cushions because each of our sofa beds have folding concept and mattresses hidden inside the sturcture. Inside hidden storage pockets for sheets and pillow storage. Removable cover. Mattress included. Available in modern single or sectional versions. As shown: length - 80" - depth 37" - height 33" - seat height 18" - mattress size 63"x79" - Different sizes available .

Made in Italy

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modern sofa beds designer Italian furniture


modern sofa beds with superb quality and sublime design


modern sofa bed





Plain and simple, no compromises, ultra modern and sleek. This modern sofa bed represent all the essential you need for a modern living room, two straight cushions made by the seat and back which unlock and unfold into a comfortable queen size sofa bed. This is the most essential version of our sofa bed collection. It features a thick back and a unique seat cushion. Easy to open and completely remoable cover. This sofa bed is available in other versions, it may features a slimmer back combined with two large rectangular back cushions and may include one or two armrests made up by a metal square bar and rectangular pillow. Different sizes available.

Size: armchair bed 44.5' with bed 27.5" - sofa bed 64" with bed 47" - sofa bed 72" with bed 55" - sofa bed 80" with bed 63"

Made in Italy

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Design: U. Cifarelli & R. Picello. This is a sofabed which distance itself from the usual rigorous lines of our sofabeds collection. We see in here a more soft line, with fluctuous seat and back cushions filled with goose down, a more relaxed design for sure. Available in sectional composition or as regular sofabed in queen or full size, in many different fabrics and leather available. This sofa bed also features a lift up back shelf which allows major support for the back cushions when needed.

Made in Italy.

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A modern armchar which converts into bed. A comfortable armchair and a comfortable bed. Versatile and practical. Available with or without armrest. The back is adjustable at different positions. The footrest is discontinued. Metal base grey painted. The chair converts into a bed by simply unzip the cover and open up the chair into a single bed. Available in many different modern fabrics colors, gorgeous first quality leather and microfiber. A perfect solution for limited spaces or those who need extra bed space. It also can be combined in two and three elements to create a sofa-like layout and have three single and separate beds. Length 39.3'- depth 33.8 - height 32.2' - bed size 35.4 x 74.8. 1 armrest and no footrest.

Made in Italy.






modern sofa beds italian designer contemporary leather Italian sofa-beds







Elegant modern sofa bed with a high back for maximum comfort. A one touch opearation easy to use system convert the sofa into a queen size bed withtout the need to remove any cushions. Available in three different sizes with a queen, full or twin size bed. The mattress options offer a pocketed spring mattree or a full polyurethane foam one with a firm density. This modern sofa beds is a fusion between a contemporary and a modern style and makes a perfect product for different decor styles. ofa composition made to entertain, relax and lounge in your

Size: Available in 89", 81" or 73" width - with queen size bed 63", full size bed 55" or twin size bed 47"

Made in Italy

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Design: Studio Archimeta. Modern looking sofa bed. The design features wide armrests and cushions with a flip-up headrest which is very usefull when the sofa is converted into bed. The opening system is easy and very practical. This modern design is available in single and sectional composition. Armchair is also available. The cover can be completely removed for dry cleaning or just because you get tired of the color! The fabric selection is huge and includes modern colors and textures as well as more contemporary ones. There are a number of optional elements if you need to make up a composition, you can choose ottomans or storage chaise lounges which makes this sofa bed very appealing and extremely useful. As shown: 114" . Depth 37.8" - chaise depth 75" - height 37.4".

Made in Italy

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Design: Danilo Bonfanti. Modern intelligent sofa bed for a quick sofa-bed transformation. Italian quality and smart design with a strong Italian bedspring and mattress included. Square wide armrests. Wide polyurethane foam back and seat cushions and chrome feet. Available in a wide selection of modern elements to create superb designer compositions. Chrome feet. Multiple fabrics types available as well as full grain leather and ultrasuede coverings. As shown: 120" x 69" approx - queen size bed 63"x79".

Made in Italy.


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