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Hassle free experience! Call us and tell us what you are interested in. We will follow up with quotes, order details, payment details, fabric/leather options and everything you need to purchase our outstanding Italian modern furniture collection. Outstanding customer service availability and direct knowledge of the products, experience and kindness represent the foundations of our mission to make Italian luxury design your next choice!

Momentoitalia is not an e-commerce website. Well, not yet. Call our customer service to have a man to man experience. We can assist you in getting all the information about our furniture and get the orders placed. During the years, we have had different customers who came to us after a bad experience with other so called discount Italian furniture websites: either the product was not delivered, or expectations weren't met, consistant delays in delivering were a daily matter, damaged merchandise and bad customer service were the first cause of frustration for customers. It is important for you to make your purchases through an extablished serious company. That is why you should buy through momentoitalia.com. Because we fully stand behind it. This website belongs to CGS GROUP INC an established company created in 1988 which has dealt with Italian companies and USA market since the beginning. We've grown from being a representative agency company for Italian companies to a full retail service company supplying Italian design to trade business firms (architects & designers) as well as end use customers.

How many mistake can you make when purchasing furniture online? What about sizes, colors, and options? Our website is conceived to give you just a feel of the products we carry, and a complete view of the different collections. Your next step is to call us and take an appointment with us. We will be glad to explain to you all the procedures for purchasing furniture from us. We will review all the products and the samples of material and we will submit to you an order form to fill up sign and render to us. You will pay a deposit of 50% and we will process the order. When the order is ready to be shipped from Italy we will notify you and request the balance due for the purchase and will send you notifications and updates on the shipping time. Please be aware that shipping time often varies because of many different reasons which are beyond our control. Shipping routes, strikes, weather conditions, custom security controls, may all affect shipping and delivery time. At arrival of the ship and following custom clearance at the port we will contact our delivery company and send it your delivery information. They will contact you and set up an appointment with you for delivery.

We ship furniture from Italy to USA and most of Europe as well as other countries. Please check back with us about shipping overseas.

1- What is momentoitalia.com?
Momentoitalia.com is a CONCEPT.It is a virtual window shop for all the people interested in top designed Italian contemporary furniture and accessories for the home or office, Luxury goods designed only with the Italian taste.

2- Who is behind momentoitalia.com?
It is an international well-established company, CGS Group, which is on this market since 1986 and has represented some of the major Italian and European manufacturers. CGS Group experience has been achieved through a direct knowledge of the Italian companies and their products.

3- Do you have a store location?
We are an online retailer, we can help you in choosing your furniture through our outstanding customer service and by sending you detailed information and all furniture finishes samples you might need. Our Italian Mid Century Furniture collection can be seen by appointment at our mid century Gallery in Jersey City at the Tenmarc Building Artists Lofts

4- How can I be in touch with momentoitalia.com?
Please check our contact page

5- Why should I buy from momentoitalia.com?
Because Momentoitalia proudly carries only ITALIAN modern high end furniture, PRODUCED IN ITALY and IMPORTED FROM ITALY. There is quiet a big difference between selling ITALIAN FURNITURE and other companies selling so called "European" furniture. The word "European" is very general. Where is that furniture made exactly? WE ALL KNOW THAT THE BEST MODERN FURNITURE COMES FROM ITALIAN MANUFACTURERS ONLY. In our country DESIGN IS OUR GOAL, OUR PASSION, OUR TRADITION. CREATIVITY IS PART OF OUR EVERYDAY LIVES. OUR PASSION HAS BEEN PASSED FROM GENERATIONS TO GENERATIONS . ON MOMENTOITALIA YOU WILL FIND ONLY HIGH END ITALIAN FURNITURE. We have a continuous relationships with the Italian manufacturers, we know them personally and we visit them continuously by attending trade shows and visiting their premises in Italy. We not only sell their products but promote their concept with retail stores in USA as well. Most of the prouducts they make, we have seen in person and tested.

6- Which kind of products momentoitalia carries?
Momentoitalia represents the Italian Design and Lifestyle, luxury goods for personal satisfaction. Our concept ranges from bedroom to living room, accessories, complements, rugs, design objects for your upscale living environment. But we look forward and we gaze at a more global design concept including luxury Italian fine jewelry and accessories. MOMENTOITALIA CARRIES ONLY ITALIAN MADE FURNITURE.

7- Will I find only furniture products with momentoitalia?
No you won’t, because momentoitalia is ready to give full decorating and design services for the private client or for the trade. Through our company is possible to develop contracts in the hospitality, entertainment, business contracts.

8- What if I am looking for a product that is not on momentoitalia?
Momentoitalia sells only the products manufactured by the Italian companies with which it has a business relation. We do not sell products we do not know.

9- Why momentoitalia is not equipped as an e-commerce website?
Because we believe buying furniture is not like buying a book or a dvd. We love the internet, but BUYING ITALIAN FURNITURE requires experienced staff which will guide you through the purchase process and explain you all the different details about specific products. Also, because our products are flexible and available in multiple solutions and hundreds of colors, we want you to choose the exact right tone and the proper layout for your space by giving you multiple choices. We can supply you with specific information about a certain product and give you our professional opinions and feeling about it, something that a website could never do. We believe we can offer you what you really are looking for, and we are self confident that what you are buying from us is a product and not a picture.

10- What is the average price of the products shown on the website?
Our products come from the high level Italian furniture manufacturers. All of these products come directly from the factory in Italy. We do not sell end of production, out of stock, or stock merchandise. We do not sell overproduction goods and first of all, we do not sell copies. Our furniture is designed by the major designers, and by young Italian designers. The factories partecipates to the major international furniture shows worldwide. For all of these reasons, our merchandise is high-end level, but we can guarantee better prices and an outstanding service.

11- What is the delivery time to receive my goods?
As the merchandise is coming directly from Italy, delivery time is approximately 10-14 weeks.This is due to production time, shipping, and custom security controls in both countries of origin and destination.

12- Who is taking care of the transportation of the goods?
Our staff is involved since the moment of purchase till the moment of the final delivery. We take care of the status of the orders, shipping, crating of goods, insurance, post sale services. We use different accredited international known freight forwarders who take care of the shipping and handling of the goods.

13- What about return policy?
Each of the piece we sell, with few exception, is custom made as per customer specification . They are made with fabric or leather and size of your choice and will be produced for you in Italy as per your specifications. Therefore they are considered special orders. This is considered non returnable, non refundable, unchangeable.

14- What are the finishes and fabric options available?
Each product is available in different kinds of finishes, configurations and sizes. You will be amazed by the different possibilities and the wide range of colors selection you can have your product be made of.

15- Can i use my own fabric or leather?
For all our upholstery items you can supply your own fabric or leather. Yardage needed will be confirmed by us after being confirmed by the Italian manufacturer about the exact quantity needed. You will be responsible to send the fabric directly to the manufacturer in Italy only after receiving a confirmation by us. You will be responsible for any custom duties applied in Italy for fabric custom clearance. It is very important you follow our instructions carefully and do not send any material prior to our confirmation.

16- Which kind of shipping services / deliveries do you offer?
In our furniture quotes, shipping from Italy to our warehouse in New York or New Jersey and all expenses related are included in the price. Local delivery from our warehouse to final customer delivery location will be quoted separately. Sales taxes will be applied for delivery within New York State, as per New York State Law. Althoug we are able to offer curbside delivery and drop shipments, we value and prefere to offer you a white gloves in home delivery.

17- What is the lead time for your furniture?
Lead time for items shipped from Italy can vary from 12 to 14 weeks. Lead time is only indicative and depends from a series of important factors that are beyond our control. Customs security controls, strikes, weather conditions, shipping routes, and other factors may contribut to change lead time. It is very important to note that all the Italian manufacturers are close during the month of August for summer vacation, and during Christmas Holidays for celebrations. These two period of the year may affect lead time significantly, therefore if you plan to purchase furniture from us plan in advance keeping in mind these two time frames.

18- What are the condition and terms for purchasing through your company?
Our terms and conditions can be found at this link. Please read them carefully before purchasing.




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Copyright CGS GROUP INC 2016 Momentoitalia.com CGS GROUP INC NYC is your resource for modern furniture. Through momentoitalia.com you can discover a wide selection of living room and bedroom furniture, such as modern Italian design sofas, sofa beds, dining room tables and chairs, bedroom sets and complements. To best complete your furnishin g and decor experience momentoitalia.com also offer a selection of modern accessories for the home. Since 1988 CGS plays a leader role in the furniture business by promoting, selling and sponsoring Italian furniture companies on the American market. The perfect place where to find modern Italian furniture.