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Cod BC 01

For those seeking the ultimate luxury in bedroom furniture, this is a collection of design modern bedroom set including tall dresser, modern chest of drawers, and night tables available in two sizes. The superior modern wood finishes melt or create a contrast with the leather front enriched with visible stitchings and leather handles. This collection is available in many different wood finishes: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - and open pore lacquered oak available in differet colors. Also available in matt lacquered . Front drawers completely covered with leather with visible stitchings and metal-leather handles. Many different colors available. The perfect bedroom complements for your modern bedroom furniture. Picture shows coke oak finish with light beige leather front.

Night tables size: width 25.6" - depth 17.3" - height 15"

Made in Italy.

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Cod.BC 02

Bedroom furniture collection made of exquisite complements to combine to your modern wood or upholstered bed. Elegant design with modern finishes and colors these bedroom furniture complements represent the easiest solution for your storage needings. Made by night table, elegant modern chest of drawers and tall dressers this collection is available in beautiful wood finishes while the drawers are covered with gorgeous thick leather . You can choose different colors to match your bedroom style.

Night tables size: width 25.6" - depth 17.3" - height 15" or 18.11" width - 17.3" depth - 18.11" height

Made in Italy.

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Cod BC 03

Cute night table style with a retro modern design which is useful in any area of your home and esepcially to give a touch of sparkle to your modern bedroom design. This round side table features a leather top available in different colors, while its structure comes in differen wood types. This leather top can be easily removed and changed with a different color at your choice. Available in light oak , tobacco oak, coke oak, open pore lacquered oak, canaletto walnut and matt lacquered. The modern leather top is available in different colors. A clever idea for your modern bedroom furniture set!

Diameter 17.7" - height 14.6"

Made in Italy

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modern bedroom furniture chest of drawers night tables designer



modern bedroom furniture dressers chests tables italian designer beds




Cod BC 04

Modern side tables which can be used in your bedroom to side a bed or to fill up a dead space, eventually with a highly design modern armchair. These cute side tables come available with different options: the base can be chrome steel, wood or lacquered, while the top is in wood in different finishes with the option of having a leather top. Our modern bedroom furniture is enriched by our designer modern complements : chest of drawers, night tables , side tables and dressers. Thses modern side tables are available in two sizes.

Diameter 21.6" with height 14" or diameter 18.5" with height 10"

Made in Italy




Cod BC 05

A quiet impressing furniture piece, this modern chest of drawers is the ultimate luxury for your modern bedroom furniture set. The workmanship and its design combined to its materials, a mix of wood and leather, make of this collection the perfect choice for your bedroom set. Six large drawers give you plenty of storage space but still you can have that clean look which is a characteristic of Italian furniture design. Furniture dresser available in wood or matt lacquer with leather front drawers and metal and leather handle. Available in different modern wood finishes and plenty of leather colors. Wood finishes: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - canaletto walnut - open pore lacquered oak - matt lacquered and setasil lacquered. Also available a shorter version with 3 long storage drawers.

Size: lenght 60" - depth 21.2" - height 26.4" . Shorter version available with 3 long drawers: lenght 49" - depth 21.2" - height 26.4"

Made in Italy.





Cod BC 06

Luxury quality modern bedroom complements set made of modern chests, tall dressers and bedside tables. The modern wood structure is balanced by a gorgeous leather front drawers with leather and metal handle. Available in many different colors and wood finishes, this is a wonderful elegant modern collection for your upholstered or wood bed. Available colors: light oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - painted oak - matt lacquered . Leather available in different colors. The collection include modern bedside tables available in different sizes.

Size: lenght 60" - depth 21.2" - height 26.4" . Shorter version available with 3 long drawers: lenght 49" - depth 21.2" - height 26.4"

Made in Italy.





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Cod BC 0

Elegant and modern dresser which can easily be used in your bedroom but also in your living room! Very functional with lots of space and available with different options such as drawers or open shelves.

Size: width 62.6" - depth 21.3" - height 22" or 24.4" Also available a shorter version with two drawers with a length of 44" - depth 21.3" - height 22" or 24.4"

Made in Italy

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Cod BC 07

Simple moder bedroom chest with sophisticated design with four large drawers and metal feet. Luxurious canaletto walnut finish, this modern chest is also available in other wood finishes as well as matt lacquer and high gloss lacquer. This modern chest can also lay on the floor by substituting the metal feet with same finish base. This chest has modern matching bedroom night tables and modern beds. Available finishes: ligt oak - tobacco oak - coke oak - open pores lacquered oak - matt lacquered - canaletto oak - high gloss lacquered - national walnut

Size: width 62.6" - depth 21.3" - height 22" or 24.4" Also available a shorter version with two drawers with a length of 44" - depth 21.3" - height 22" or 24.4"

Made in Italy






Cod BC 12

Modern sleek chest of drawers, a very modern design yet simple and functional. With four storage drawers it is available in wood in many different finishes and also in matt lacquer or high gloss in many different colors. The same collection features also night tables. Another version is smaller and you can choose to have metal feet or a base in the same finish.

Size : width 62.5" - depth 21.3" - height 22"/24.4" depending if with feet or base.

Made in Italy





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